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Girls Got Geek is a STEM FAME (science, technology, engineering, math – fashion, art, music, entrepreneurship) based program designed to show young women and girls how they can use technology to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others in their community.  Our impact can be measured by the increase in:

  • the number of females taking STEM based classes
  • the number of females selecting tech based careers
  • the number of females starting their own tech based small business and
  • their enhanced earning potential.

Girls Got Geek introduces technology based lessons like how to make a mobile app, basic coding, blogging, web design, and how to develop a computer game, by reaching out to girls through workshops, after school programs, and weekend and summer camps.  In order for students to be competitive in the 21st Century economy, it is crucial that they have access to educational opportunities that exposes them to process-driven, collaborative learning.  And that’s exactly what Girls Got Geek programs do.  Participating in Girls Got Geek programs gives young women and girls the basic technology knowledge and skill set that is crucial to their future earning power.

GirlsGotGeekB U & Geeky Too!

This is our motto at Girls Got Geek.  We want young women and girls to know that being geeky does not change who they are.  We want young women and girls to embrace technology and see the possibilities that await them.  Register or Sponsor a girl for the next Hackathon!

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